Self -assessment tools, rubrics, criteria for assessing all text types.
What are they, how can I use them and what do I need to do to get started?
Ideas for writing
A collection of writing tasks, ideas and starters.
Making consistent judgements about student writing.
A collection of teacher made and 'public' posters for display in classrooms.
Tips on editing, how and what to publish, teaching tips for all stages of the writing process.
Teaching approaches
Ideas and descriptions of approaches to writing including guided, interactive and write aloud.
Text types
Lots of supportive documents to help understand and teach the range of text types to students.
Documents to help in planning writing and also overviews of VELS outcomes in writing.
Write Time For Kids Resources
A huge collection of ready-made stimulus pictures and short articles for guided reading, followed by writing tasks related to the topic. Cards are organised into year levels and text types. Mostly US content but many are generic.