Tools, tests and ideas for assessment.
Charts, posters, bookmarks
Charts to use around the room, bookmarks and other support material.
Classroom tasks
A collection of reading tasks to use in the classroom...riddles, yes/no, what am I?
Guided reading
Planning documents, articles.
Home reading
Prompts and documents to share with parents in supporting home reading.
Independent reading
Reading journal ideas, conferring, responses to reading, classroom management.
Literature circles
Including role descriptions and supporting documents for students to use.
Quality literature
Poetry, picture story books, recommended texts and shortlisted books.
Reading models and structures
Information on the Four Resources model, the gradual release model and effective lesson structures.
Reciprocal reading
Support materials.
Shared reading

VELS in Reading
Some summary overviews.
Write Time
A set of resource cards for use in guided or small group teaching. They are all non-fiction and focus on building reading skills in language, maths, science and social studies. Levels 2, 3 and 5 (approximate year levels).